Resource Directory
Agile Manufacturing (Miller Loaders)Contact:    
1242 Arizona Avenue
Larchwood, IA 51241
Phone: 800-570-8205 & 712-477-2795
Fax: 712-477-2500

MILLER LOADERS is the home of better-built farm loaders. Our Model 12 loader revolutionized the hydraulic loader industry in 1971, and we have specialized in loaders constructed from solid plate since 1993.

Our latest advancement utilizes Greaseless bearings at all of the loader pivot points. This feature results in a loader that is virtually maintenance-free and makes pin problems a thing of the past.

Our loaders and attachments are specifically designed and engineered for today's farm uses, making your tractor a versatile, cost-effective tool.

Arrow Manufacturing Inc.Contact:    
801 South East Street
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: 800.743.3157 & 712.472.3157
Fax: 712.472.3159

Arrow Manufacturing Inc is a complete service center for emergency vehicles. Employees in the shop are ready to remount, refurbish or repair emergency vehicles with class.

Arrow will take the modular and remount it to a new chassis. They will go through the modular and refurbish the unit - top to bottom. The idea is to offer a like-new ambulance for less-than-new price. There generally are a couple models in different manufacture conversions from which to choose.

Arrow Manufacturing always has loaners available for immediate delivery. The company also has a very qualified sales staff to call on clients' emergency vehicle needs.

DeWild Grant Reckert and Associates CompanyContact:    
1302 South Union Street
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: 712-472-2531
Fax: 712-472-2710

DeWild Grant Reckert and Associates Company has been providing quality consulting engineering services since 1952. We take pride in providing prompt, accurate and innovative service to our clients. Our staff of experienced engineers, land surveyors, and business professionals work hard to deliver projects on time and within established budgets. We are committed to the needs of our clients.

DeWild Grant Reckert and Associates Company offers consulting engineering for electrical distribution and transmission; municipal and rural water urban drainage; highways, streets, airports and land surveying, and effluent control systems for concentrated animal feeding operations.

The clientele of the company inlcudes cities and towns, rural electric cooperatives, rural water systems, counties, other government entities such as the Corps of Engineers and Iowa Department of Transportation, and private clients such as land developers, industrial plants and livestock producers.

2002 Kingbird Avenue
George, IA 51237
Phone: 1-877-4-DURALIFT

A Division of Diversified Technologies

Dur-A-Lift, Inc. manufactures telescoping and articulating aerial personnel and material handling lifts for many needs. Dur-A-Lift's experience, quality & dependability shows in every product that leaves the factory. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed service both during, and after the sale.

At Dur-A-Lift we base our success on our customer's successes. By fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our customers on a personal level, we gain the ability to truly understand their needs. Only when we truly understand what our customers need to be successful can we succeed in the marketplace.

Glynlyon, Inc.Contact:   
804 N 2nd Avenue East
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (712) 472-6610

The Glynlyon Learning Companies are dedicated to the development and adoption of effective modalities of learning through tools, curricula, multimedia techniques, and various delivery strategies designed to best educate students regardless of their learning styles. Odysseyware provides an electronic curriculum for grades 3-12. Alpha Omega Publications provides Christian curriculum for grades kindergarten-12, including print and electronic options.

For over 30 years, the Glynlyon company has been a worldwide provider of curriculum and services to students in grades Pre-K-12. We look forward to continued growth and development in northwest Iowa as we join to build a stronger community!

LVO ManufacturingContact:   
808 North 2nd Avenue East
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (712) 472-3734

The success of the modern bakery operation depends largely upon the two key areas of Production Efficiency and Time Management. A baker by trade, Lambert Van Olst recognized this need to keep labor costs down and productivity up in the modern bakery. In 1980 he founded LVO and produced his first well constructed, low cost pan washer. Today, LVO offers Pan & Rack Washers, Sheeter/Moulders, Production Tables & Divider/Rounders - products which will make any bakery operation more efficient.

LVO manufactures a wide variety of Food Service and Bakery Equipment including Dividers, Rounders, Sheeters, Moulders, Production Tables and Rack and Pan Washers. Follow the links above to view our complete line of Food Service Industry products and Bakery Equipment.

Maintainer Custom Bodies Inc.Contact:    
909 South East Street
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (800) 843-4288 (712) 472-4725
Fax: (712) 472-4727

Maintainer Custom Bodies Inc. produces custom-built heavy, medium and light duty rescue trucks, haz-mats and command vehicles. In addition to body construction, Maintainer wires the units for all sorts of electical needs (lights, communications, sirens, etc.). The company recently secured a five-year contract to build and equip specialty vehicles for Homeland Security hazardous material cleanup. Rescue vehicles have been custom-built in Rock Rapids since 1974.

McCormack TransportationContact:  
805 South East Street
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (712) 472-2781
Fax: (712) 472-4396

McCormack Transportation has been hauling freight in Lyon County for over 70 years. Merlyn "Moe" Schubert has owned the interstate LT1 (less then truckload) trucking rights since 1961.

Seventeen full-time truck and two part-time employees work out of Schubert's terminal. As a partner with R+L Carriers, they haul local, national and international to all 50 states, Canada, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

Cargo Types:
General Freight
HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials

Fleet Information:
Fleet Size: 15-17 power unit(s)
MCS-150 Mileage: 909,986
MCS-150 Mileage Year: 2009
Total Trucks: 17
Total Drivers: 14

Oehmsen MidwestContact:    
Carola O. Vivian or Ruth Kruger
505 South Baldwin
George, IA 51237
Phone: (800) 628-4699
Fax: (712) 475-2848

The Oehmsem family has been involved with Greenhouses since 1927; from engineering and design to construction and manufacturing.

In 1960 Erich Oehmsen founded Oehmsen Plastic Greenhouse Mfg., Inc. on Long Island, NY. Over the years the company grew and achieved a reputation for producing the finest quality structure on the market. In the mid '70's Karl (Henry) Oehmsen bought the business from Erich and continued the tradition. In the mid '80's Carola Oehmsen Vivian joined the company. In 1989 the company relocated to George, IA to better serve its customers. We are still family owned, but we have added a local investor to our family.

Siebring ManufacturingContact:    
303 South Main Street
George, IA 51237
Phone: (888) 475-3317 (712) 475-3317
Fax: (712) 475-3490

Siebring Manufacturing Inc, located in the town of George, in Northwest Iowa. Siebring Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of commercial greenhouse equipment, agricultural equipment, heaters, and custom manufactured products. Some of our products include greenhouse heaters, waste oil heaters, greenhouse sprayers, soil sterilization units, greenhouse carts, hot and cold high pressure washers, and shop heaters.

Our products are used nationwide and worldwide by commercial greenhouses, nurseries, garden centers, and auto & truck repair shops.

Sudenga IndustriesContact:    
2002 Kingbird Avenue
George, IA 51237
Phone: (888) 783-3642 (712) 475-3301
Fax: (712) 475-3320

In 1888 two immigrants from Germany settled near the George area and recognized the need for local blacksmithing services. In the late forties and early fifties, due to an overwhelming demand and a devastating fire, the company was propelled into manufacturing.

As the years progressed and production increased, the products and services were expanded to include a variety of grain and feed handling equipment, as well as 3 and 4 wheel scooters manufactured by Ranger All Season Corporation and Dur-A-Lift personal aerial lifts. Today Sudenga Industries is still growing with an ever expanding product line and customer base. Owners and employees alike maintain a proud tradition of customer service and a commitment to quality.

T N T Carports Inc.Contact:   
1203 North 2nd Avenue East
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (712) 472-4505

T-N-T Carports Inc. has grown to be one of the largest carport and building companies and has representatives in 48 states. The company has a full line of quality steel buildings, including open and partically enclosed carports, garages, storage buildings, barns, custom-built units and metal rooking.

T-N-T Carports Inc. has expanded its manufacturing plants and are still growing. The company has 14 manufacturing sites with the headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Mount Airy, N.C.