Resource Directory
Doon PressContact:   
Bridget K. Vander Tuin
209 Hubbard Avenue
Doon, IA 51235
Phone: (712) 726-3313

Largest paid circulation weekly newspaper in Lyon and Sioux Counties.

KIWA RadioContact:   
411 9th Street
Sheldon, IA 51201
Phone: (712) 324-2597

Little Rock Free LanceContact:   
Virginia Klaassen
409 Main Street
Little Rock, IA 51243
Phone: (712) 479-2270
Fax: (712) 479-2273

Weekly newspaper serving the Little Rock area.

Lyon County News, Inc.Contact:   
Cheryl Koerselman
113 East Michigan Avenue
George, IA 51237
Phone: (712) 475-3351
Fax: (712) 475-3353

Weekly newspaper serving the George area.

New Century Press - Lyon County ReporterContact:    
Kristen Snell, Editor
310 First Avenue
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
Phone: (800) 621-0801 & 712) 472-2525
Fax: (712) 472-3414

The Lyon County Reporter is one of the oldest, continually operating businesses in Rock Rapids. Visit our website to view all the New Century Press publications.

New Century Press - West Lyon HeraldContact:   
Verdona Kelly
211 S. Main Street
Inwood, IA 51240
Phone: (712) 753-2258
Fax: (712) 753-4864

Weekly newspaper serving the Inwood, Larchwood, Lester and Alvord communities.

West Lyon FocusContact:    
Les and Carla Manning
1026 Broadway
Larchwood, IA 51241
Phone: (712) 477-2126
Fax: (712) 477-2173

The Focus newspaper was started in 1994 to bring local stories and happenings to the residents of the West Lyon community. The Focus is a weekly, free publication which is mailed to all the zipcodes of Alvord, Inwood, Lester and Larchwood Iowa.